New Building
TLC is conducting a capital campaign to build a free-flight exotic bird sanctuary and an adjacent exotic bird educational facility that will be completely accessible to the public for tours. TLC is currently working to secure funds in the form of donations and grants to build this new facility alongside its boarding facility in Deer Park, Washington.

TLC has the property, welcome center building, boarding facilities, quarantine area, and keeper's quarters established. TLC only needs the funding to help construct the new building for open flights! They have additional space to expand should TLC reach capacity with their service and inhabitants.

The sanctuary will be open to the public for tours and informational presentations will be offered that are directed toward the education and conservation of these beautiful creatures.

Separate from the main facility will be the areas for rescue birds, special needs birds, and boarding. Parrots living at the sanctuary will have a way of life as close to nature as we can provide while ensuring their safety and protection. This will include trees for perching, water features and the ability to be fully flighted.

We need your help in donations of money or time - please check out the Get Involved page or Contact Us to be a part of the Spokane area's new and exclusive exotic bird sanctuary for our local community!



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